The Phillies make the first big free agent signing of the year! Aaron Nola looks like he took a hometown discount for more years tacked on to stay in Philly for possibly his entire career:

No Phillies player is more polarizing than Aaron Nola. Take the Crossing Broad commenters for example:

You have dominant starts in the first two rounds of the playoffs and then you have starts where the wheels completely fall off like Game 6 of the NLCS to clinch a World Series spot. What you can’t deny though is that he’s one of the most reliable pitchers in baseball. You can basically pencil in 30+ starts and 180+ innings a year for the next four years. Which is basically what this deal is. He’ll be taken care of up until he’s 37, but every long term deal Dave Dombrowski throws out has the thought of the next 3-4 years in mind. If this team has any chance to win a World Series it’s going to need to be by 2028 before everyone gets old and those deals weigh the team down.

All we ask is for Aaron Nola to be more consistent. Consistant like The King always being wrong:

EDIT: Nola turned down more money from other teams because he loves Philly:

Beating the Braves never gets old: