I am embarrassed and outraged watching the Thursday Night Football panel not understand this Festivus mention:

Incredible. Thompson has no clue. Tony Gonzalez? Totally confused. Andrew Whitworth? In la-la land. Richard Sherman? Lost. Thompson even says “Harvard” (where Fitzpatrick went to school) as though Festivus is some esoteric, high-academia concept that only Ivy Leaguers would understand.

It’s not like these are Zoomers sitting on the desk. Gonzalez is 47 years old! Whitworth is 41! What sitcoms were their parents watching? Cheers? Wings? Friends? I’d understand the confusion if you put 5 dickhead YouTubers on the panel, but we’re talking about grown men and women who aren’t familiar with one of the most famous television episodes of all time.

It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!