Update here from Jeff Cole at FOX 29:

So there’s a RUMOR going around on Twitter that the Kelly Oubre hit and run never actually happened. That’s from a couple of random Philly accounts out there, but nothing from Woj, Shams, or any mainstream media outlets. For what it’s worth, the Sixers issued a team statement saying that Oubre was hit, and police have shared information on the incident, telling outlets about an incident at Hicks and Spruce where Oubre was reportedly struck by a “silver vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.” That’s it, though. No video, no photos, no nothing. It’s a pretty busy Center City area, with a lot of foot traffic on a Saturday night, so you’d figure there’d be some sort of surveillance or witness video, at the very least. The absence of any kind of evidence only supports the dubiousness that’s wafting through the air. And since this is the Sixers, the craziest, most random shit can never be ruled out. We all scoffed at the idea of the GM’s wife using burner accounts to excoriate the players, so after Burnergate, anything is possible.

EDIT – here’s a follow-up statement from a 76ers spokesperson:

“(Kelly Oubre) Jr. continues to progress from his injuries and has resumed light physical activity with hopes of returning to play in the coming weeks. The organization added that it appreciates the efforts of local police for investigating the situation and the support Oubre Jr. has received from the Philadelphia community.”

Here’s a couple of the tweets out there, basically the two that the rumors stem from. Worth pointing out that this is similar to the Jalen Carter thing from earlier this week. Rumors on Twitter, but nothing from any kind of mainstream media outlet.