This article was gonna be a lot cooler back when Taylor Swift was actually going to the Eagles/Chiefs game. Oh well.

Prior to postponing one of her Rio concerts to Monday night, local and national media alike were preparing for Swift to be the star of the game. A self-proclaimed Eagles fan dating a Chiefs player? What was she to do?!

Of course, that’s now a moot point. But someone from Taylor’s camp may still be going to the game: her dad, Scott Swift. Scott is a big football guy. On this week’s New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce explained that Scott played college ball at both Hawai’i and Delaware, so he’s no stranger to the ins and outs of the football world.

Scott is also an avid Eagles watcher. The man was born in Bryn Mawr and raised his kids in West Reading (which is debatably Philly, but okay). Taylor herself proclaimed that Lincoln Financial Field was the stadium her dad was always watching games from. He’s a Birds fan through and through… or so I thought.

Last week, at Taylor’s Argentina concert, Scott popped up wearing this around his neck in the VIP tent:


Before Taylor’s concert was rescheduled, the media was already having a field day over the news that Taylor and Travis would both have their parents present at the Kelce Bowl on Monday night. Even though Taylor’s not going, it’ll be interesting to see if Scott does. And it’ll be interesting to see whose gear he ends up wearing.

Jason Kelce said it best:

“You’re gonna let this man’s [Travis Kelce’s] devilishly good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott? That’s ridiculous.”

Don’t make the same mistake twice, buddy. Stick to your roots if you ever want to be allowed in Philly again.