TMZ posted this on Wednesday night:

The video shows Oubre pulling a bike into an apartment, right hand over his ribs. He says “I got hit by a car,” which is then repeated by his wife.

TMZ writeup:As we previously reported, the 6’7″ hooper was involved in a hit-and-run outside his Philly residence on Saturday … suffering a broken rib and injuries to his hip and leg after a silver car swiped him with a side-view mirror. Sources tell us Oubre returned home shortly after being hit … and when his wife saw him in serious pain, she called 911. In the Ring camera footage, Oubre is heard telling Shylynn he was hit by a car as he rolled a bicycle into his residence. We’re told the 27-year-old was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital … where medical professionals began treatment. Our sources say a couple hours after the incident, officials interviewed Oubre to get some information on what went down.”

The writeup repeats information shared by police on Wednesday afternoon. They do not currently have any kind of video or images confirming the hit and run incident, which allegedly took place Saturday night in Center City, near Spruce and Hicks. That certainly doesn’t mean it DIDN’T happen, but the lack of hard evidence has stirred up a hornet’s nest of speculation from people wondering what exactly is going on here. In the case of the video above, we’ve got some Ring doorbell footage from his apartment, but nothing from the intersection where the incident reportedly took place. This is a developing story!

(It’s also worth considering the plausibility of the idea that Oubre had no clue where he was. If we’re following the above timeline, he was hit, made it home, then went to the hospital for treatment, and was interviewed “a couple of hours after the incident.” If the guy is in a new city and drugged up on painkillers, it’s not entirely far-fetched to think that police didn’t get all of the details in that initial discussion. Something to think about as we unpack the story here.) 

EDIT – if you didn’t see it earlier, Nick Nurse was asked about the incident before the Celtics game: