RE: Kelly Oubre –

“This is obviously something that they wanted to show because, I think there’s some pressure mounting here and you’ve got a lot of people now beginning to ask questions, like ‘hey did something happen here (rather) than what the original story was?’ …I would never say where we got something from but that’s not something we would have published without permission. I’ll say that much.”

Uhhh.. hmm. Well, regardless of whether or not Oubre’s camp or the Sixers gave the video to TMZ, it’s true in a general sense that the footage has swayed public opinion back to his side, at least a little bit. We still don’t have any kind of surveillance video or pictures of the reported hit and run itself, which doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, people who only read headlines have triumphantly taken to social media to declare for one side or the other. There’s a pretty ugly discourse taking place on Philly sports Twitter right now, which – surprise! – seems to be divided along political and racial lines. Bruce Buffer is here to announce that FIGHTING OUT OF THE RED CORNER – it’s ACAB Twitter! And in the BLUE CORNER, it’s Blue Lives Matter Twitter!*

Anyway, we noted on the site earlier today that Amazon owns Ring, which is the doorbell/camera company that everyone is probably familiar with in 2023. There are stipulations in place that allow the sharing of footage with police, but in this case there’s no concrete knowledge of how this particular video made it to TMZ. The producer in Holley’s video says “that’s not something we would have published without permission,” so the thing to now figure out is whose permission was necessary. Oubre’s camp? The police? Amazon? China? Adam Silver? The Koch brothers? George Soros? You never know!

The plot thickens.

*we’re neutral. we’re Switzerland