I love that Tyrese Maxey knows about Mike Muscala:

For those who may forget: without Sixers legend Muscala hitting two meaningful threes in a meaningless game in the bubble, the Sixers’ pick from OKC doesn’t convey and we don’t get Tyrese Maxey at #21.

So Muscala definitely inducts Maxey into the Hall of Fame right? It’s a no brainer.

Can we sit in the trust tree for a second? Hand up. I tried to trade Tyrese Maxey a bunch of times. Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, included in a package with Ben Simmons. Plenty of times I was fine letting him go. Now he’s untouchable. I know zero ball. Unlike this kid who stayed 10 toes down through thick and thin. He knows more ball then half the people in this city who get paid to cover it: