Austin Rivers refuses to say anything positive about the Sixers because according to him they, “Did his pops dirty” by firing him last year.

River’s comments start at 1:27:


“In terms of Philly and where I see them at in the long race. I see them as a third option. I’m not going to say anything positive about Philly! They did my pops dirty. It is personal. Family over everything. Come on, Daryl! I’m talking to you!”

Obviously there is a little less vitriol in his voice when you see the clip vs. the headline. But you can tell Rivers hates the Sixers. Like, if he’s on ESPN talking about the Sixers for the rest of eternity, take everything he says with the largest grain of salt.

My favorite part of the conversation is when he says, “Family over everything!” Wasn’t this the guy who got traded by his own dad? To Washington of all places where careers go to die? For Marcin Gortat!? It wasn’t “family over everything” then.  If my dad did that to me I’d want his ass ejected too:

Wasn’t it Doc who signed off trading his son in law Seth Curry to the Nets in the Ben Simmons deal and didn’t even warn his daughter? If anything it’s “Everything over family” in Doc Rivers’ world.

Is there anyone in Philadelphia who regrets the Doc Rivers firing? Can’t be. That’s absolutely unheard of in this town. He should have been let go after the Hawks series a couple years ago. Between the rotations, the offense, and his inability to make adjustments during the game, it was time for someone new. He wasn’t even Daryl’s guy either. People forget Daryl was hired after Doc. Anyway, that nightmare is over and we have Nick Nurse two games out of the #1 seed. All is right in Sixers land…for now.