Big Dom news drops on Saturday morning:

Schefter’s full tweet: “Eagles’ Head of Security Dom DiSandro is being barred from being on Philadelphia’s sideline for Sunday night’s game vs. the Cowboys for his part in last Sunday’s sideline fracas with 49ers’ LB Dre Greenlaw. DiSandro is allowed to go to Dallas with the Eagles, and do all his regular duties – just not be on the team’s sideline during the game. DiSandro and other Eagles’ officials met Friday morning at the league office in New York with commissioner Roger Goodell. The league still is reviewing additional material to see if further discipline is warranted.”

In a follow up, Schefter noted that Dre Greenlaw is expected to be fined.

But yeah, a Friday meeting in New York City? Just do that shit on Zoom. Issue the punishment and get on with it. This isn’t Bountygate. Plus, if Big Dom isn’t gonna be on the sidelines, you still need someone on security duty, to watch out for wayward Dallas fans or chain gang members who walk in front of Spuds’ live shots. I know who can replace Dom on an interim basis: