I saw this video and almost skipped Crossing Broadcast to head down to Danny & Coop’s for some lunch. But unfortunately they’re in New York City slinging cheesesteaks to a Wall Street Bro straight out of central casting. The double scarf screams, “I trade options at JP. Want to hear my starting salary?” –

Michael Klein from the Inky wrote about this.

(Danny) DiGiampietro and his team, including his niece, Gina, and one of his managers Seth Braunstein, packed up the food and drove it to Manhattan Wednesday morning. Cooper met them and, wearing matching black hoodies, they started the flattop before lunchtime. Cheesesteaks were priced at a bargain $10, and the line was long. From the window, DiGiampietro bellowed, “Go Birds!” at people dressed in Eagles gear.

Cooper and DiGiampietro are donating all proceeds from this pop-up event — scheduled to reprise Thursday — to a nonprofit helping to feed New Yorkers in need.

DiGiampietro would say only that he and Cooper hope to open a cheesesteak shop in New York, where they have been searching for locations for two years. “You know what they want in this neighborhood for 700 square feet?” DiGiampietro asked. “Eighteen thousand a month!” (That’s more than double the price for such a space on Walnut Street in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.)

So the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia are branching out to NYC? I don’t know how much I like this. I want Danny to be successful. He’s got an awesome story and his Instagram stories are a must watch. But I get apprehensive at change. I’m a dedicated BreadHead. Is Danny still going to be as much a part of the bread-making process as he is now? Because at Angelo’s everyone knows you don’t have the best cheesesteak and pizza in the city without the bread. The bread suffers, the entire shop suffers. Can’t two guys from the area just open up a Danny & Coop’s in Rittenhouse and call it a day? Why’s it gotta be in Manhattan? I mean not to pile on Timmy Two Scarfs again, but look at this guy. Just zero appreciation for the perfect cheesesteak he’s about to consume:

They just don’t understand it in NYC.