Mike McCarthy got an appendectomy Wednesday and missed Cowboys practice, but he’s still expected to coach against the Eagles on Sunday. When asked about how they’ll adjust without their coach, DeMarcus Lawrence gave a shout out to COVID for preparing them:

LOL. What a quote.

“Shout out COVID” is insane! Is he accepting an award at the Oscars right now?

“First off, I want to thank God…and COVID. Without them I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Imagine just shouting out COVID for things. I get to work from home now. Shout out COVID! Checkout at grocery stores are quicker now with self checkout. Shout out COVID! You think if the Cowboys win on Sunday DeMarcus Lawrence is going to dedicate the win to COVID? I mean he has to now right?

This reminds me of that old Dril tweet:

Regarding the disease COVID. You do not, under any circumstances, need to shout it out. 

Can’t wait til Dak is asked if he credits COVID for getting them ready for Sunday and hits the reporter with another HIPAA violation: