More Darius behavior:

I can’t wait until Darius is gone. That dude has aged like milk in the last 365 days. You can’t call yourself Big Play Slay and not make any plays. Was the PI bullshit? Yea. But it’s one play in a game of plenty. You just lost by 20 to your division rival a week after getting blown out. The #1 seed and the division lead is gone. Can we let the wounds heal a little before we’re going to our phone to search our name and retweet your PI? I’m so tired of this guy. I’m tired of the fighting with people on Twitter, the podcast, and the fact that he can’t cover shit any more. For a guy who idolizes Kobe you’d think he’d take accountability for something. He’s a Darius until further notice:

This team might’ve broken me. Top to bottom they’re easily my least favorite 10-win Eagles team ever. And I still think they’re going to win the division and get the #1 seed. We’re going to hang the banner and no one is going to remember the season. We stink.