Darius Slay expanded on his comments about Seth Joyner’s criticism that the Eagles DBs were afraid to tackle:

This right here is Darius behavior. For the record, I’ve revoked Darius’s “Slay” credentials until he does something worthwhile I can point to on the field for the rest of the season:

You can’t be making people call you Slay when you’re having this type of season. That’s what a Darius would do. It’s corny. Especially when you haven’t impacted a game since Week 1. I don’t need you to knock motherfuckers out. We already had Asante Samuel here and he couldn’t tackle for shit. The only difference is Asante had 23 interceptions in 41 games. He’s a Slay. Slays affect the game. Darius’s want to talk to their kids one day and keep all their teeth. Darius’s are just happy to be out there giving up 64% completion rate (second worse in your career btw). I know you aren’t a Darius. Prove it to me, Slay. Be a Slay this weekend. Because without you we’re not getting back to the Super Bowl. I know somewhere you got the answers, Slay. Say it with me.

You got the answers, Slay! YOU GOT THE ANSWERS SLAY!

And whatever you do don’t listen to Dez Bryant. He’s the enemy. He wants you to be comfortable. Anyone who thinks you’ve been balling all year is not your friend:


Seth Joyner has responded. “This is my last comment never had a chance”: