This guy in a Michael Crabtree Raiders shirt (or maybe jersey, kind of hard to tell) gave the Cowboys a better fight than the Eagles did:

The tweet says “Philly vs. Dallas” but the jersey is a black and there’s a moment about halfway through the video where you can see “REE” on the back, so no, it’s not Eagles gear.

Breaking down the fight:

  1. Raider fan has good starting position. He throws some vicious uppercuts while Cowboy fan tries to get back to his feet, pants battling gravity.
  2. Cowboy gets back up and has a good grip of Raider.
  3. They fall into an art display and start exchanging right hands.
  4. Both swap overhand rights, but Cowboy looks to be the better grappler of the two. He also looks like he’s a weight class larger.
  5. Raider fan get his head stuck in what looks like a half-bulldog choke.
  6. Cowboy overpowers Raider and takes his back, but instead of dropping vicious ground and pound, he lets him get back up, pulls his shirt over his head, and then throws another right hand.
  7. He then pushes him into the crowd and the clip ends.

Two idiots. More competitive than anything the Eagles did on the field, however.