This isn’t a sports story, but it’s Philly-centric and probably worth sharing because everybody is talking about it.

If you missed it earlier in the week, the presidents of Penn, Harvard, and MIT were called to testify in front of Congress on the topic of campus antisemitism. The CliffsNotes is that there’s a been a lot of Israel/Palestine demonstrating taking place on American college campuses, which has resulted in a blurring of the line between free speech and the incitement of violence.

Congress questioned the presidents on school policy and Penn’s Liz Magill got absolutely DESTROYED for the way she handled this:

Her used of “context-dependent” was hammered by Democrats and Republicans alike, which tells you everything you need to know. She got pretty much obliterated by everyone, which is an impressive feat in 2023. I saw partisan hack Twitter accounts on both sides criticizing her.

But even if you take the politics out of it for a minute, her behavior is lame. The smirking and flippant attitude? You’re in front of Congress! You’re the President of an Ivy League school! Even if you don’t want to be there, at least act like a professional and pretend like you give a shit.

Magill had to release a video message in which she’s reading some sort of pre-written message:

It was pretty bad. This is the University of Pennsylvania, not Bishop Sycamore. You represent one of the most respected academic institutions in the country and a school that has distinguished and accomplished alumni in this city and up and down the east coast. Then you get in front of Congress and behave like that? There are not many things that successfully annoy the entirety of Philadelphia. Maybe potholes, the PPA, Diner en Blanc, the Cowboys, and Comcast’s customer service from 2007 to 2017.

Put Liz Magill in the bagster! (is that incitement of violence, or context-dependent?)