James Harden says he was told by Daryl Morey that he would receive a max deal in free agency, via Sam Amick at The Athletic (with ads)

So you mention the financial part, and I was hoping you could clarify one aspect of that situation. Were you actually told by the Sixers that you had that deal coming?

A max?



That was said by Daryl?

Yes. Yes.

It was always insinuated this was the case, but it’s the first time Harden has come out and publicly said the Sixers promised him a max deal after taking less the season before. Listen, any of us would be pissed for leaving $30+ million on the table that we were promised. But I’d be lying if I said I was mad at Daryl for not giving it to him. James Harden isn’t a max player anymore and everyone knows that. That deal would’ve been worse than the entirety of the Tobias Harris contract that has handcuffed this team from making a legitimate move for the last five years.

Harden goes on to say that Morey spoke with his agents before the playoffs started last year about working out a max. A Sixers source has denied that, according to Amick. If it is true that was definitely a strategic play from Morey to keep Harden happy and motivated for the playoff run. Chess, not checkers.

TBH I didn’t know Daryl had these kind of chess moves in him to stab the player he owes his career to right in the back!