According Jeff Miller, the NFL’s EVP of Communications, Public Affairs & Policy; Health & Safety Initiatives, Roger Goodell IS NOT trying to ban the Brotherly Shove and has no position on it:

This comes after a report from Diana Russini at The Athletic (with ads).

She said a league source told her “Goodell wants the play removed from the game permanently” –

While it was talked about in detail at the competition committee’s gathering at the league meetings last offseason, it was never formally brought as a playing rule proposal to the 32 owners. This means there wasn’t one team in the league that felt strongly enough against it to have the play eliminated. That is probably going to change.

It’s apparent this is going to be heavily debated among the competition committee made up of owners, general managers and coaches. It’s important to note that there isn’t a single person from the Eagles organization on the competition committee. However, three of their divisional opponents are represented: New York Giants owner John Mara, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones and Washington head coach Ron Rivera. Though it will all come down to the voting, the most important opinion about the play may come from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. I was told by a league source that Goodell wants to see this play removed from the game permanently.

Tough week for Russini  and sources. First, the rumor about Zack Wilson’s reluctance to start again has been dragged through the mud by Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh, and every Jets fan in the Big Apple. Now the NFL is saying the Brotherly Shove’s demise has been greatly exaggerated. Good. Nothing should happen to the Brotherly Shove. It’s clear the data shows people aren’t getting injured and it’s also clear that other teams are unable to replicate it. Banning it would be like cutting off Patrick Mahomes’ right arm or giving Andy Reid unlimited timeouts under two minutes. It’s just not fair. Plus if you’re a NFL fan and a competitor don’t you want your team to be the first to find a way to stop it? How soft would it be if coaches and execs from the Giants, Cowboys, and Commies banned it this offseason? That’s bullshit. Plus Beau Allen already found a solution for you anyway:


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