The NFL sent a memo reminding teams that non-personnel members on the sidelines need to understand their role:

You don’t want to read all of that, so I’ll paraphrase. Basically it says non-personnel members are not supposed to get involved in altercations on the field, which includes taunting, language, and physical contact. The only non-personnel members allowed to break up player altercations are coaches and refs.

I’m torn on what this memo means for Big Dom’s situation. On one hand, sending out a memo as a reminder could be good and include a slap on a wrist or this memo could be foreshadowing the NFL is about to make an example out of Dom for breaking the rules they’ve already hammered home. I’ll admit the rules are pretty black and white. Now I do think they’re a little ass-backwards. Lets let the coaches and refs break up the fight, but not our 6’6 350 lb security guard who probably has a history of de-escalation and can hold his own. Nope. Have Mike McDaniel get involved instead. I’d actually kill to see that guy try to tear his lineman off of some guy.

The rules seem to be different in other leagues. Like this video from 2019, when a Sixers security official, who looks oddly like Stephen A. Smith, ran onto the court to help break up a fight:

This guy clearly separates the players pushing both away in the process. If this was the NFL, Big Dom wouldn’t see a sideline ever again, apparently.

The best part of the NFL sending out a memo on Wednesday is that they commented on this matter before we’ve even gotten A WORD from them about Shaq Lawson pushing an Eagles fan in the stands two weeks ago:

No league hates their fans more than the NFL. First it was this stuff with Bills players, now the NFL is flexing the Eagles game a full day to Monday night screwing over fans who bought tickets when it was on Sunday. Roger Goodell runs an ass-backward league. I mean Von Miller might start a week after being accused of felony assault of his pregnant girlfriend, while the Eagles might have to leave Big Dom in Philly this weekend. What a league!