Nick Bosa hopes the Cowboys watch their tape to see the blueprint on how to stop Jalen Hurts this Sunday:

Bosa shed some light on the blueprint after Sunday:

So, you rushed the QB and played contain? Breaking new ground there, Copernicus.  Someone move defensive genius Steve Wilks up to the head of the line for  a coaching job this offseason!

Listen, the 49ers did a good job of making Hurts uncomfortable. But if we’re going to be fair and talk about writing blueprints on players, I’m sure Bosa is big enough to admit Lane Johnson wrote the blueprint on how to bottle him up:

Coming into the game Sunday with 5.5 sacks and 12 QB hits over his last four games makes his stat line on Sunday look mighty pedestrian:

With all of this overreactive talk about Hurts and the Eagles being figured out, does anyone else now feel more confident this weekend? Sure, they got blown out, the film of Hurts missing open receivers sucks, and the fact that we haven’t won in Dallas since 2017 is all working against us. But my gambling brain immediately thinks to zig when everyone else zags. Just like last night in the Steelers/Patriots game. The total was 30.5. It was the smallest total since 2005. Two backup QBs suiting up. Everyone was betting the under. Not me. I had no data behind it other than I zigged when everyone zagged. What happened? The over cashed in the first half. It was a Hanukkah miracle!

Does my thought process make sense? No. But this is how I think and it’s gotten me this far. Sue me. I think the Eagles come out with a “nobody believes in us” game and take it to the Cowboys. That defense STINKS, it’s Dak Prescott we’re talking about, Mike McCarthy is getting major surgery, and we’re still the team who just beat the Chiefs, Dolphins, Cowboys, and Bills in a 40 day span. They played their third game in 13 days against a juggernaut for gods sake! Lay the points…responsibly!

We’ll get back to Bosa in January: