Pat Bev was on the ESPN’s NBA version of the ManningCast with Kevin Hart, and he asked Hart what he thought of Josh Giddey, who is accused of having a relationship with an underage girl:

Listen, if you bring Pat Bev on your livestream, you have to know in the back of your mind that the conversation can go anywhere. You don’t bring a bear to a children’s birthday party without a thought of “if this thing goes rogue there could be some children in danger.” That’s Pat Bev with a live mic.

At one point you’re watching LeBron win his first IST ever and next thing you know Pat’s wondering if you think Giddey actually did it or not. Here’s the longer answer:

What a masterclass in deflection from Kevin Hart to pivot out of that one! Just as impressive when he asked Pat Bev about the color of the court and he flipped it back on him about the color of jail courts. This is what these alternate streams should be about. Guys shooting the shit toeing the line the entire time. You never know what you’re going to get. Kevin Hart was the perfect choice for this. Could you imagine if this was the ManningCast? Peyton would’ve squirmed uncomfortably in his seat the entire time until Pat brought up his Wikipedia and saw that he allegedly put his balls on a trainer’s forehead in college.

Speaking of legacy, what does an IST win for LeBron do to his? You know Jordan never…

But look at this celebration:

Don’t get me wrong, the game was good, but this is like popping champagne for winning an AAU tournament. I mean they got hats for this and everything. AD is screaming “I’M HIM!” like it’s the Finals. This team is going to get bounced in the first round. The $500k check is like $230k after California taxes. It’s perfect for the NBA that the biggest brand in the league won the first IST, but come on. Are they going to hang a banner or something? Does the NBA Cup get real estate next to Kobe and Magic’s trophies? This feels like Melo stans bringing up his three golds in a conversation about legacy. The IST might not even be around in five years.