Rob Thomson was given a one-year extension by the Phillies:


Philly Rob will be in town for at least two more years. That’ll give him two more tries to win the Big One. By the end of the contract, Topper will be 62. Crazy for a guy who almost retired a season ago.

Personally, I love Topper. Perfect guy for this team. Sure, you can question the lineup decisions when he refuses to move Alec Bohm out of the #4 spot or his utilization of the bullpen. But you can’t deny he’s the perfect coach for this team. He pushes all the right buttons in the clubhouse and the guys love him because he lets them be themselves. You can’t argue with the results.

In the announcement, the Phillies also mentioned they hired two hitting coaches so they’ll be carrying three next year. One for each third of the lineup I’m guessing. That would be hilarious if that’s how they decided to employ them. Whoever has the bottom third with Nick Castellanos and Johan Rojas better figure it out and fast.

More personnel means more people for Garrett Stubbs to bet with:


“F*** you, Kevin.” 😂 #garrettstubbs #phillies #philliesbaseball #philliesfan #mlb #philliesfans #philly #philliesnation #phils #fyp #fypphilly

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