This is so corny:

And I’m not just saying that because I’m an Eagles fan. This is corny because you have your team leaders dressed in all black and no one else listened. I understand it’s impossible to get 53 guys on board with something, but there are multiple guys that obviously didn’t get the memo.

This dude behind Trent Williams is wearing Bob Ross’ paint palette:

The guy in front of Chase Young dressed in his best church slacks:

You can’t have Deebo Samuel dressing up like Wesley Snipes in Blade and no one follows his lead. That’s what makes it corny. Deebo probably told everyone during the team meeting last night they were dressing in all black and then saw what Brock Purdy was wearing when he got on the bus and flipped the fuck out:

If you ask me, it sounds like there’s some terrible team chemistry in that locker room.

You think the Eagles are nervous? We have Jordan Davis showing up like this to pay his debts and Dallas Goedert in Wawa Letterman jackets:

While Eagles fans are already setting the tone in the lots:

I don’t care if the Cowboys beat us by a million next week. This game just got upgraded to a must win because I hate this corny 49ers team with every fiber of my being.