Phillies Nation with the scoop via Tim Kelly:

The Philadelphia Phillies red jerseys will not return in 2024, Phillies Nation has learned.

Earlier this month, we wrote about the possibility that the red jerseys had been worn for the final time with a City Connect jersey set to be introduced by the Phillies at some point in 2024. Nike has a “4+1” rule, meaning they will produce four jerseys per team, and five if the fifth is a City Connect uniform. 

In my opinion this is the right move.

The red jerseys were always used for Spring Training until Bryce Harper went to management and told them they’d like to wear them on the road:

If I had the choice, I’d scrap the grays, but I guess that’s a classic road look the Phils want to continue with. Kelly also said it looks like the reds will be scrapped entirely:

This time, though, it sounds like the red jerseys are being hung up altogether. Not only will they not be back as a regular season alternate in 2024, but apparently when Nike says they are only making five uniforms for you, that includes Spring Training too. Nike didn’t make the popular green St. Patrick’s Day uniforms for the Phillies last March, and they will not make the red tops just for Spring Training either. 

If you’re wondering what the City Connect jerseys are going to look like, sources tell us it’ll be designed around the colors of Philadelphia’s flag.

Philadelphia has a flag you ask? 

They do! Here’s what it looks like:

The Phillies are going to be playing in Citizens Bank Park looking like the Frankford Yellow Jackets:

This color scheme makes me want watch Kevin Curtis highlights now.