The inaugural Big 5 Classic is tomorrow, Saturday, and there’s a rumor that the greatest tradition in sports will be returning:

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about streamers baby!

After each team’s first basket during the game, streamers in that team’s colors are thrown from the student section. The tradition was carried for decades before the NCAA cracked down on it, because people started to throw more than just streamers on the court. Going forward, any fans who threw streamers during a Big 5 game would be assessed a technical foul. In 2014, streamers were brought back for one game thanks to Temple and La Salle:

Both teams were assessed a technical and each team had their player intentionally step over the foul line, which waved off the basket.

This is going to be sick to watch in person! If you got some kids and you want them to learn about the history of the Big 5, come out tomorrow. Three games for one ticket ($45). Streamers, roll outs, and I’m hearing Temple is bringing back the tradition of dressing in black for the Hawks’ funeral:

We’re having a funeral for a bird. Do attend: