Garrett Stubbs came on Crossing Broadcast this week and delivered some home run quotes. If you haven’t heard him calling the Inky’s article about his pool comments a “joke” or calling out  Torey Lovullo, what have you been doing? But the most important thing we asked him was if Dancing On My Own would return in 2024. Here’s what he had to say:


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We’ll take it to a poll!

Honestly, social media polls are how the democratic process should be handled, if you ask me. Not the sports radio polls that make you want to tear your hair out, but polls like this. Black or white. Yes or no. Where is the fanbase at with the song? Social media polls are still better than those scientific studies that ask 500 people a question and make a general assumption, like “we polled 500 men and 40% sit when they pee.”

Where was my questionnaire?

I’d like to participate in that study because it’s not that easy. For me it depends on what time of the night I get up. If I’m up at 5 a.m., I’m not opening my eyes or turning on the light to the bathroom. I have two jobs. Unclog the pipes and get back to my dream as quickly as possible. So in that case I’m sitting and peeing.* If it’s 9 a.m.? I’m standing upright spraying and praying. I don’t feel like my habits in the bathroom should be decided by 500 people asked on a Brooklyn street corner. Is that fair? Seems fair. *(Kinkead – I am appalled by this paragraph)

Back to the song…

I know the majority hate it right now and the vibes are in the toilet as I mentioned. Stubbs knows too. I like the song and I don’t particularly care if it’s back or not. There’s a million others to choose from. But when you think about it, isn’t it funny that we let two playoff runs decide if it should live or die? People will say, “Dancing On My Own is 0-2!” When technically it’s 22-8 if we’re counting postseason wins and losses. Another thing is if we’re banishing Dancing On My Own then what are we still doing belting out Fly Eagles Fly? That was created in the 60s and brought back in 1999 with some tweaks and lyric changes. If that’s the case that song should’ve been shot to the moon after the four straight years we came up small from 2000-2004. “10-9-8-76ers” might be the loseriest of loser songs in the entire country. DOOP might not be far behind if it wasn’t for the Union’s Cup run last year. People will say it’s different because it’s not a song about the team, but people resonate DOMO more with the Phillies than High Hopes currently. You talk to people about the song and they act like Calum Scott was the one who couldn’t get anyone out in relief.

So if it comes back I’ll be belting it in October like I was this year and you know you will too. If it doesn’t I look forward to knowing what next year brings.

Take a minute to watch/listen to the show. I guarantee you’ll like it or your money back: