I’ve successfully muted or blocked most political accounts on social media, both on the far left and the far right, but this one slipped through the cracks:

Right ok. This does not appear to be a joke. Jack and Vivek are crafting some sort of argument in the fashion of “the NFL wants the Chiefs to win because Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are huge libs and that will help Joe Biden get re-elected.” Right? At least I think that’s what they’re trying to say.

There’s also this one:

Conservatives don’t like Travis Kelce because he’s a vaccine promoter. And Swift is a lib, so there’s some cockamamie theory that they’ve been artificially uplifted to somehow steer the election to the Democrats. Maybe this is going over my head, but Swift is already a global megastar with a fan base that is largely female and relatively young, and most were probably already voting blue to begin with, correct? This would be like Joy Reid and MSNBC claiming that the NFL is boosting Ted Nugent in order to turn his fans into Republicans.

Coincidentally, Taylor Swift decided to start dating a 9x Pro Bowl player and 2x Super Bowl winner whose quarterback is the best of this generation. And the head coach is one of the greatest of all time. So the Chiefs probably didn’t need much rigging in order to get back to the Super Bowl, considering they’ve played in four of the last five and their divisional opponents are the definition of “meh.”

Now, if Swift started dating C.J. Beathard and the Jag-wires began ripping off wins en route to the big game, then Vivek might be on to something. Something’s fishy! Explain yourselves, NFL!

disclaimer: this is not a political post. Crossing Broad has no official political stance. 99.9% of these far left and far right Twitter accounts are disingenuous. they don’t care about you. they’re just in it for themselves. they’re the career politicians of social media.