Rhys Hoskins signed a 2 year/$34 million deal with the Brewers overnight:

I think Rhys is the most polarizing good guy this city has ever seen. Does that make sense? Like he might go 0-4 and then donate $100k to muscular dystrophy an hour later. He’s like Tobias Harris. Guy goes 3-16 from the field, you make fun of your buddy who loves him, and follow it up with a text, “Good guy tho.” Same premise.

He was a serviceable first baseman that jacked 25 home runs a year, but would go cold for a couple months of the season. But he also did fantastic community work around the city and he left us with one of the most memorable postseason moments in franchise history:

Feel free to remember Rhys Hoskins however you want to remember him. If you want to remember him for the bat spike, great. If you want to remember his 3-25 in the World Series as the #2 hitter while the Astros second batter won MVP, fine. If you want to remember his legend of a wife, Jayme, buying a bunch of Phillies fans 100 beers, that’s great too:

It’s a choose your own adventure of how you want to remember Rhys Hoskins. Here’s his final moment in a Phillies uniform: