Tough times on the Main Line! A Villanova fan on Tuesday night showed up to the Finn with a custom-made “Fire Neptune” shirt. Nova was down 20 to Marquette before the guy even got to his seat apparently:

I actually don’t want to bring any more light to this subject, so I’m keep this piece short, because the more people don’t realize how bad the Villanova program is, the more likely Kyle Neptune keeps his job. We can hide the problems out there on the Main Line. If this was a Philly school that paid $4 million for their team that currently sits at 11-10, this would be a major story. There would be accusations of fraud and pyramid schemes running rampant because there is no way some guys on this team who are making more than a Sixer on a two-way contract should be hovering around .500. Neptune was handed a Lambo and he took a turn too wide on Lancaster Ave and flipped the damn thing.

The boos are pumping up opposing players and the AD looks like he took Jay Wright for granted:

Tough times out on the Main Line. We all weep for you in the Big 5.