The 76 Place account posted this before the Sixers/Celtics game on Tuesday night:

This is rather innocuous on the surface. “Look at what they have in another city, you deserve that too.” Nothing wrong with that, if they went to Sacramento.

But instead they chose the Sixers’ biggest rival and the team that’s eliminated Philly in three of the last six playoff appearances. This would be like the Eagles teaming up with the Cowboys for a video on how Lincoln Financial Field could be more like Jerry World. Or the Phillies go down to Cobb County to slurp the Battery district. Or maybe the Flyers send someone out to Pittsburgh to film some repulsive Yinzer tailgate.

The Sixers go with the TD Garden comparison because it’s the most similar to what they’re trying to do here. Big city, mass transit, stuff going on around the arena on gamedays. That’s fine. It’s a good comparison. But Philly tends to blow things out of proportion and it makes the concept of optics more important than it probably should be. You don’t want the “tone deaf” accusation. You don’t want people saying you’re out of touch.

Asking Celtics fans about a downtown stadium? That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.

disclaimer: Crossing Broad is neutral on the arena project