Britain Covey was on Radio Row in Las Vegas, where he was asked what happened at the end of the season:

I’m telling you, after listening to Covey, that 10-1 start might be one of the most impressive things ever done in the history of sports. That’s how much this locker room hated each other. The defense hated the offense. The offense and defense hated the coaches. It was anarchy! And they still started 10-1. Beat the Chiefs, Dolphins, Bills, Bucs, Rams, and Cowboys to get there. All playoff teams. Then they ran out of gas from pointing the finger at each other. Amazing stuff. The Eagles were really reading their press clippings. Hopefully Covey is right and the Birds learned from this season.

We then had Lane Johnson offer a little more insight on the Dan Patrick Show, where he basically admitted that Nick Bosa was right. The 49ers did have the blueprint on how to beat the Eagles:

Felt a little bit like Lane wanted to throw Brian Johnson and Nick Sirianni under the bus there when mentioning the scheme and I’m all for that. The scheme stunk. You don’t have to be a defensive genius to figure that out. Prep for a couple bubble screens, a draw on 3rd and 7, the Brotherly Shove in the redzone, and four verts on 3rd and 2. There’s the entire Eagles gameplan. And you won’t lose sleep over the swiss cheese defense. It was probably the easiest week of the season for every coordinator.