Gunner tweeted this:

Two plausible items, and Gunner is someone you always trust when it comes to the Eagles.

The first one doesn’t seem like anything to be alarmed about. Jalen Hurts would not be the first or last 20-something-year-old athlete to receive a payday and respond to the pressure and responsibility with mixed results.

But the Sirianni thing is interesting.

Nick’s a head football coach and team leader. He should be able to handle things on the sidelines and manage relationships with his players and assistants. You shouldn’t need a large Italian man to keep your emotions in check. It’s one thing to be passionate, but if the fervor becomes counterproductive, and the head coach isn’t calling the plays on either side of the ball, then it lends some ironic credence to T Mac asking at the press conference the football version of “what would ya say ya do here?