Let’s get it back to the Eagles:

New faces everywhere. You’ve got a new defensive coordinator in Vic Fangio, a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore, more than a half-dozen new coaches, and a handful of promotions/new titles.

Coming back from last year are the following, via the Birds’ website: 

  • Nick Sirianni, Head Coach
  • Michael Clay, Special Teams Coordinator
  • Jemal Singleton, Running Backs/Assistant Head Coach
  • Kevin Patullo, Passing Game Coordinator/Associate Head Coach
  • Jeff Stoutland, Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line
  • Jason Michael, Tight Ends
  • Aaron Moorehead, Wide Receivers
  • Jeremiah Washburn, Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers
  • Joe Pannunzio, Assistant Special Teams Coordinator
  • Tyler Brown, Special Teams Assistant
  • Eric Dickerson, Offensive Quality Control

The coaches with new titles are the first four on that graphic – Paganetti, Williams, Scudder, and Yelk. Paganetti is shifting from run game specialist/assistant tight ends to run game specialist/assistant offensive line. Williams was the nickel coach in 2023 and will now be assistant linebackers/defensive quality control. Scudder was the linebacker assistant last year, now on defensive quality control, and Yelk was Sirianni’s assistant last year, now tasked with being the “head coach quality control,” whatever the hell that means.

Then the rest of group is new hires – Christian Parker, Clint Hurtt, Roy Anderson, Joe Kasper, Bobby King, Doug Nussmeier, and Kyle Valero. It’s hard to say how much impact any of these guys will have, or whether the Birds lost decent assistants to other teams, since the key is Kellen Moore, Vic Fangio, and always Jeff Stoutland. All eyes on Nick Sirianni, of course, but we don’t have a full idea yet of how much of the offense will be his responsibility, vs. handing it off to Moore.