Fletcher Cox gives an update on his Eagles future:

Lets do an exercise. If you had to rank the three guys on the line who were most in danger of not being in Brazil on Week 1 (Fletch, BG, and Jason Kelce) how would you rank them from most important to least important?

The list:

1. Kelce
2. Fletch
3. BG

That’s correct, right? And you could argue the gap between Fletch and Kelce isn’t as big as we once thought. The more I hear Fletch talk about the Eagles, the more I want him back for the young guys like Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis. While the more I see Kelce doing all kinds of different endorsements every time I open up Instagram makes me think he’s retiring. Fletch is easily more replaceable than Kelce is, but if I get one of two back I can live with that outcome.

At the moment though, it’s “Step by step. Day by, day by dayyyyyyyyyy!” What a bop this was, huh?

RIP Suzanne Somers. I hope there are unlimited Thighmasters up there.