Fletcher Cox went on IG to tell Deebo Samuel to eat a dick (EAD) after the Niners lost the Super Bowl:

Deebo was dealing with a hamstring issue during the game. He finished with three carries for eight yards and caught three passes for 33 yards. He wasn’t much of a factor.

What a game though. Incredible! The Niners had a double-digit in the first half. Christian McCaffrey fumbled. They muffed a punt, sort of. Tough break, but still funny. Then Kyle Shanahan decided to take the ball in overtime and they went 13 plays in seven minutes but had to settle for a field goal. Patrick Mahomes got his chance and worked his magic and that was all she wrote.

There are people out there who say that we shouldn’t talk shit about other teams after the way the Eagles season ended. Who cares? We’re fans. We didn’t play the games. If the Birds are out, then we should all be happy to see the Niners face plant on international television. For all of their shit talking, and them coming in here and whipping the Eagles’ asses, they ended up with the same thing the Birds did – a trip to the Super Bowl and gut-wrenching, three-point loss to the Chiefs. This is the kind of loss that will make their fans do really dumb things on Sunday night. Someone is probably getting stabbed at a Bay Area Del Taco as we speak.