If the Farg is looking to fill the arena for days off after the Sixers leave, boy was this solution a gift from the sports gods. Ice Football:

How long until we bring this to Philly?

We need Bon Jovi and Jaws to bring football back to the Farg. They’re already tackling like the Eagles:

I’m not even lying when I say this. This is a better product than what the NFL is producing weekly. The announcers are electric! Al Michaels hasn’t had that much excitement in his voice since the Miracle on Ice. Guys are giving the middle finger down the sideline to their opponents. Can’t do that in Roger Goodell’s league:

The nostalgia of playing football in the snow is all coming back to me. Kickers are falling on their asses. We’ve got linemen pancaking people in the open field. The team names are so dumb that it makes it even better. Are you a Northcoast Naughties, Southcoast Smoothies, Westside Wessis, or Eastie Boys fan? Eastie Boys is the correct pick. That’s an amazing name.

Apparently this was an appetizer before the Super Bowl in Germany. I’d sacrifice the Puppy Bowl (not the puppies) for this to be our lead-in to Super Bowl 59 next year.

Here are the rules, via Essentially Sports:

Four teams are in the running for victory in the ice football tournament each year. Each team comprises eight players from the pool of 32 Ice Football participants. The teams will compete against each other on mirror-smooth ice, with all matches featuring players wearing profile-less bowling shoes. This adds an element of anticipation, as viewers will witness numerous celebrity tumbles on the ice. Additionally, an active German American football player serves as the “captain” of each team.