The Flyers are giving away 10,000 Gritty earmuffs next week:

There are several uses for these. You could block out Torts’ cussing, as Gritty does here. You could also put them on Torts’ ears, so he doesn’t have to listen to questions from Sherlock SanFilippo.

My suggestion is to use these to effectively squelch Max Weinberg the next time they put him on television. Put these on your ears, then close your eyes. Or, better yet, just turn off the television entirely.

For real though – what the hell was that? Here I am settling in to watch the Stadium Series, and we were treated to multiple instances of Bruce Springsteen’s drummer just blathering on and on about nothing in particular. It was horrendous. Get this dude off the screen and drop the puck. Everything I hate about North Jersey was wrapped into one hideous hockey amalgam. We had the Devils, Springsteen, Sopranos references, MetLife Stadium, Tommy DeVito, and then a 6-3 loss on top of it. Talk about a night to forget.