Last time I said something wasn’t going anywhere, the Phillies turned around and made Dollar Dog Night into a shoe sale, so take this with a grain of salt. The Tush Push is going nowhere, if you talk to Troy Vincent, via ProFootballTalk:

“The general sentiment within the league is that it’s a credit to the Eagles that they’ve found a short-yardage play that works so well for them.”

Vincent said the NFL Competition Committee didn’t even discuss the tush push when it met at the Scouting Combine because everyone is on the same page that there’s no reason to ban it. Vincent said they do plan a discussion on the play at the upcoming league meeting, just to ensure that any team that wants to be heard about the play has an opportunity to speak, but suffice to say there’s very little support for a ban.

Just when I’ve lost all hope in the world and ponder if anyone has any sense left, here comes 32 NFL teams to let me know there are still some ideal thinkers out there. Banning the Tush Push because the Eagles were too good at it never made any sense. It would be like taking the three-point line away when the Splash Brothers were in their prime because they were too good at it. Thank god we’ve had former Eagles legend Troy Vincent always in our corner:

Just look how happy it makes people: