It took seconds after the 49ers loss. SECONDS! For Niners fans to gang up on a Chiefs fan:

That Chiefs fan is lucky Vegas uses metal detectors to get into casinos. Niners fans don’t travel anywhere without their blades.

And how this guy didn’t go DDT here is beyond me. Act like you’ve watched wrestling one time:

Do you think Niners fans go through a type of prison-style boot camp before they can join the fanbase? Like you know how we used to see Al Qaeda on the monkey bars back in the day? Is Bay Area children shanking a dummy in a Raiders jersey their monkey bars? It has to be, right? Look at these kids ready to grab the torch from their father:

Knowing the move is to jump up and down on the TV after your dad curb stomps it at only 10 years old? You can’t teach that awareness. Advanced for their age. They’ll be snatching wigs and throwing women down the steps of Levi’s Stadium as teenagers at this speed:

Once they progress to stabbing Raiders fans at an In-N-Out after a preseason game they’ll be in the GOAT conversation. Instead of a bronze bust in Canton they retire a rusty blade with the blood of their enemies on it in an abandoned office building of a former crypto startup. We’re watching a dynasty of lowlife scumbag fanbases play out right in front of us. It’s truly become an honor to be able to pencil in a fight after every 49ers disappointment and holy shit have there been plenty over the last 10 years.