The Flyers lost Sunday, but they did score another shorthanded goal. Their league-leading 14th shortie of the year:

What else do we need to do to get a Wawa/Flyers Shorti promotion? Who at Wawa University is asleep at the wheel? I mean this is a no brainer. Every time the Flyers score you get a free Wawa Shorti in the app the next day. They score two it goes up to a Junior. They score three holy shit now we’re working with a Classic. It’s like the Sixers Bricken for Chicken or the Frosty Freeze Out.

People go nuts for those! Isaiah Thomas almost beat the shit out of a Sixers fan because all the kid wanted was some delectable frozen milk and sugar he could dip his fries into on the way home:

Tons of free marketing for Wendys! Imagine another Tie Domi situation where a fan goes over the glass. His response was, “I’m sorry I just wanted a Shorti.” It’s perfect. Then you have people around the country that are wondering what’s a Shorti? In Canada they’re thinking if people are willing to beat the shit out of each other for a Shorti I need to get my hands on a Shorti. Wawa is trying to complete their countrywide domination and this is the first step. Mondays suck, but imagine today as you’re heading to get your morning coffee and Zyns remembering you get a free Shorti. You can’t beat that feeling. There would be lines out the door for lunch. Gonna have Wawa workers outside on their break like this: