Finally someone at WIP stopped fellating themselves over the A.J. Brown interview for a second. It was getting embarrassing over there watching them take turns patting themselves on the back for it. If you keep poking the hornets nest, aren’t they bound to sting you? They’ve done nothing but drag his name through the mud since the season ended. How do you not call in and defend yourself? Luckily Hugh Douglas took a break from WIP sucking their own dick to at least joke about it:

Now that’s great radio. An uncut, unfiltered, authentic thought that real life people actually think. I mean Fritz got dragged on Friday. I like Fritz, but it was deserved. No one’s ever said on that station, “Let’s get it back to Kellen Moore.” That interview would’ve went off the rails quick if Ike doesn’t take the wheel. If you think the station brought Spike back because Fritz isn’t ready for the #1 chair, your argument became a little more valid after Friday. You can’t argue that. He spoke about trading the guy for an entire week with confidence. Turtled when he was on the other end of the phone.

Also, I love the two dudes in the clip defending Jack. I think that’s the evening guy and a producer (Kinkead: it is). Tell me you want to hitch your ride to Fritz’s career without telling me. “It’s a hard thing to be prepared for. I would’ve not been ready for it whatsoever.” What? Was AJ’s 24 hour warning not enough?

He didn’t call in the morning or the mid-day. So you should probably be ready in case he calls in, right?  “I wanted to know the answer to the Kellen Moore question!” Nobody listening to that interview tuned in to hear what A.J. Brown thinks of Kellen Moore. “Cut Jack a little bit of a break.” Jesus. This guy when he listens to afternoons:

Some are saying Fritz would’ve never been able to fight with Kyrie and a Sixers usher given him a chicken wing to the body off camera at the same damn time. Not me. But some are: