Lenny Dykstra had a stroke earlier this week and I’m happy to report he’s back:

I gotta admit I have a soft spot for Nails because we all have a Nails in our life. He reminds me of an uncle.

An uncle that had a 1.094 OPS in the postseason:

And listen, he’s been on a heater recently. A true comeback story. No arrests, no court dates, and no getting sued in at least a year. Sure the occasional tweet makes you go “oof,” but we’re not perfect. I don’t know how long it’s been, but occasionally he’ll tweet us and let us know how many months since he’s last been in the can. Every time he does it it makes me smile. It’s like getting a new chip for every month you’re sober.

I also invested in this:

And no it’s not for sale. Diamond Hands, bitch. It’s like getting in on Bitcoin at $250 because you know…just in case…one day those nine lives are used up. Not today though and at least for another day this sign remains correct: