We’ve got an update from P.J. at Dolan’s bar on Lenny Dykstra’s recovery from a ministroke:

“He’s doing very well. He should be moving into a rehab facility for therapy. He’s had a lot of hot nurses surrounding him. He’s doing well. He’s the champ. It’s Game 3 of the World Series in ’86…”

No doubt, those hot nurses are aware of Nails’ postseason career 1.094 OPS. He’s probably told them to watch out for the Krassensteins.

But yeah, Nails seems like himself. Since suffering the stroke, he’s made the following posts on X:

  • joked about being a vegetable
  • tweeted at John Fetterman, asking him if having a stroke will turn him into a “flaming pronouns libtard.”
  • said his stroke was real, unlike Ron Darling’s cancer
  • quote tweeted Pagan’s man on the street interview with the brunette in Denver

Nails is back.