The summer cash grab friendlies continue to take place in the United States:

Imagine thinking Arsenal is a title contender. They’ll wilt at the end of the season like they always do. They’re the Dallas Cowboys of of the Premier League. Tons of talent every year but haven’t won the title since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. Arsenal will go top of the table in April and then find some way to inexplicably bottle it.

These exhibition games are nice for fans who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to see their favorite team in person, but they’ve been taking place for decades now. The first game at the Linc was a soccer friendly. Liverpool is here every other year and so is every top team in the EPL. They just rebrand the concept every so often. “Rivals in Red” this year, “International Champions Cup” back in the day, so on and so forth.

Looks like there’s a Phils/Yanks game earlier in the day, so New York poseurs will be infesting the sports complex:

Ticket prices aren’t out yet but I signed up for presale using the name “Joey Baloney,” so I’ll update the story if they email me.