Looking for a non-A.J. Brown/WIP interview Eagles topic to talk about, there was this social media post from the weekend:


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That’s Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed doing an airplane thing with his arms, paired with a bird emoji. DeVonta Smith liked the post. Naturally it means he’s coming to Philadelphia. He wants to be an Eagle!

Or probably not.

Sneed is a free agent and coming off a stellar season in which he won a second straight Super Bowl. He’s due a massive payday and the Eagles have multiple big-money years of Darius Slay and James Bradberry already on the books. We’re talking eight-figure dead cap hits, so unless Howie Roseman pulls some kind of unexpected wizardry in the offseason, Eagles fans should hope that Slay stays healthy and Bradberry re-scales the cliff he fell off of in 2023. Sneed feels like a long shot.

My favorite explanations from Reddit:

  • it’s a “Fly Like an Eagle” reference and he loves the Steve Miller Band
  • he’s secretly an Auburn fan and this means “War Damn Eagle”
  • it’s actually a hawk, and he’s suggesting that he’s a ball hawk
  • he wants to use the Eagles to up his market value
  • “Maybe he’s a Crystal Palace fan, they just won”

If you go through Sneed’s IG posts, he puts the Eagle emoji on there all the time, so it means pretty much nothing. Maybe he’s just into birds. A big ornithology guy. You can catch him at Hawk Mountain this summer looking for raptors. Not the dinosaur type, but the ones flying around in the burbs.