Marshawn Lynch carried the torch for every Eagles, Raiders, Seahawks, and Rams fan that couldn’t be in Vegas after the 49ers loss:


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Are you a 49ers fan? Fuck you. Simple, but yet effective. All while carrying a bowl of wings in his hand.

Fuuuuuck you! You little ugly motherfucker:

Snoop D-O Double Gee Willikers Batman in his XXXL jersey. Fuuuuuck you:

Poor Smokey Robinson. Fuuuuuck you:

You could tell this dude just wanted to die after his team lost the Super Bowl again. There was nothing that could make him feel worse than he already did. Enter Marshawn Lynch to rip his soul out:

You know you’re famous when you can tell a bunch of people to fuck off and they still want a picture with you after.

Marshawn Lynch: