Reddit user posted this in the Eagles sub:

Hilarious. More people would rather see a Chiefs three-peat than a single Cowboys Super Bowl. They’d rather watch Mahomes lift the Lombardi trophy for the third straight season than see the Cowboys break their decades-long drought.

This poll is actually still up at Fox’s YouTube page, so I added another vote for the Chiefs. The comments are pretty good:

  • That’s one of those “Would you rather be burned to death or eaten alive by hyenas?” questions.
  • I’d rather the NFL shut down than see either of them win.
  • Wow, those are my #31 & #32 favorite teams.
  • Fans uniting to troll the cowboys is one of the things that makes our society great
  • I’m rooting for Armageddon over either of those choices.
  • This is like choosing between death by knife or gun
  • I’m an eagles fan so either team winning is a nightmare scenario for me. Having said that, I’d rather the chiefs win 5 more in a row before the cowboys get even one.

I agree with the last guy.