Pat Bev to the Bucks according to… Pat Bev, or whomever runs the Twitter account:

What’s pathetic is that I’m not sure I believe this until I see it from Woj or Shams. Pathetic.

Wait, speaking of which:

Pat Bev was perfect for Philly. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of him here, but he’s also in his mid-30s and on an expiring contract. 80% of the team is on an expiring contract, as is Cam Payne. The Sixers are being aggressive today because they’re trying to work the fringes and bring in some guys to try out (Buddy Hield) while maintaining their uber-flexibility for the offseason. They recouped one of the second rounders they sent to Indy with this Pat Bev deal and they definitely are not done. It seems like Kyle Lowry is absolutely in play, for better or for worse.

EDIT – I am changing the headline and adding this clip and tweet: