Penn State is offering a Taylor Swift class in the Fall of 2024 that will take place at on the Berks County campus, near where Swift grew up. This is from the course description:

Are you ready for it? Penn State Berks will offer a new course titled “Taylor Swift, Gender, and Communication” starting in the fall 2024 semester. The class will hold 100 seats with 50 spots reserved for current Berks students and the other 50 spots available for incoming first-year students. 

Cross-listed as both a communication arts and sciences and a women’s studies course, it will take the unique approach of examining Swift’s cultural and musical impact and her portrayal in the media, rather than focusing on Swift’s marketing strategies or how her lyrics fit into literary canon like other universities’ courses on the singer. 

I love this and hate this.

One, because it shows how much of a sham college is as they have us by the balls until we complete their useless courses we’ll never use in everyday life. On the other hand, this is great for an upperclassmen to hopefully get some easy credits if they’re graduating or transferring to main campus. You want an easy A? You got an easy A. Look at this curriculum:

The class will meet as a whole one day each week to discuss the week’s content. Ramsey also wants to use class time to allow students to connect and build community by doing activities that encourage active learning. Students will break into smaller recitation sections to talk about the week’s readings. At the end of the semester, Ramsey and students will plan and hold a community-wide final project to celebrate Swift and what they’ve learned from the course.  

Community wide final project? Once a week? No final papers or exam? Sign me up. Imagine your buddy studying Chem is splitting atoms and you’re breaking down Taylor and Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl after-party. I would ace the shit out of this course.

I’ll never forget senior year when I had to take a science credit to graduate. I sucked at science. Biology, Chemistry, Life Science. Didn’t matter I couldn’t wrap my head around mitochondria. I majored in Marketing. I haven’t needed science since I graduated. My advisor knew I was a moron so she told me about “Geology vs. Hollywood.” A class where we just watched disaster movies the entire time. Easily my favorite class ever at Temple. Day After Tomorrow? Of course. 2012? Check. Dante’s Peak? Absolutely! If I ever find myself in a town with Pierce Brosnan where a dormant volcano suddenly explodes, boy you know I’m gonna be able to survive that shit. I loved raising the 2.6 GPA a bit and Temple loved cashing in an extra $20k. Jesus Christ college is such a hoax.