A resolution in the case of the 22 year old who clocked Bob Kelly in Sea Isle City over the summer, via Eric Conklin at NJ.com:

The man who assaulted a Philadelphia television reporter at a Jersey Shore bar last summer was sentenced to three years probation on Monday.

Patrick Iannone, 22, pleaded guilty to third-degree aggravated assault in December for hitting Fox 29′s Bob Kelly during an event at Oar House Pub on 42nd Place in Sea Isle City in July. 

We reported in August that Iannone is a SIC local with family connections to the police department (his mother is a retired former police captain). He had recently checked himself out of rehab before the Oar House incident, which took place during a charity function. Public record revealed that Iannone faced a simple assault offense in June, which took place at the Dead Dog, and was reduced to disorderly conduct via plea deal.

At the Inquirer, Jason Nark shared a portion of Kelly’s statement to the court:

In a victim’s impact statement Kelly submitted to the court, the longtime traffic anchor said he continues to have vision problems, including “black spots that kind of make me think there’s a mosquito or a bug flying around.” Kelly said he suffers from headaches and a possible concussion too, and may need plastic surgery for a scar under his eye.

“There is a sense of uneasiness whenever I am at an event,” Kelly wrote, “or in a crowd, something that is part of my life and part of my job as a news anchor.”

Nark notes that Iannone was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution.

Is three years probation an appropriate punishment? After the assault, some folks in Sea Isle told us that Iannone was a repeat offender who was known around town as a problem. Others pointed out that he was only 21 and trying to figure his life out.