Jon Marks invited me on his YouTube show Friday, and hit on a bunch of topics, including 97.5 the Fanatic’s 2024 strategy:

Marks: “I had said on one of my shows earlier this week, the whispers of lineup changes that I hear happening at the Fanatic. It’s going to be internally. So essentially shuffling the chairs on the deck and I know Scott Masteller, Program Director of the Fanatic, had said in the Inquirer interview that they’re going to hire a full-time host, but the information, and what I’ve heard is, Best Show Ever, that’s going to remain, that’s not going to change. And from there you’re going to see some shuffling of the shows around. Then I guess they’re gonna bring somebody in, I would say to work middays, one of the midday shifts they’re going to have. But it seems like they’re not going to do a whole heck of a lot, they’re going to add somebody to it and they’re going to switch around the shows to see if that can turn things around.”

This is going to be more of a tweaking and reshuffling than a “blow it up” kind of arrangement. It’s not going to be the 2013 Philadelphia 76ers. And for the record, Jon and I aren’t working together on any kind of story here. It’s just independent gathering of information. Maybe we’re talking to the same people or maybe not. What I think happens is they go back to four daypart shifts and shuffle a host or two between middays and mornings. Maybe nights are involved as well, since they technically never replaced Devon Givens. If I was a betting man, which I am (Chiefs moneyline), I’d put my money on four daypart shifts and tweaks to middays and the morning show as well. Five units at -125.

Here’s the full episode: